About me

Hello, my name is Serge Ayissi!
I've done this website to present myself and advertise my works and my projects. I'm a computational Chemist/Physicist, my work is to simulate scientific phenonema at the nanoscale using well known simulatyions packages like VASP or CPMD, and well known theory like first-principles statistical mechanics and ab-initio quantum chemistry.
I'm also currently developing IT projects like IONEEC, during my free time. I apply my scientific knowlegde to human sciences and behaviors in order to stimulate common arts and genres!

My Beliefs and Values


Current and previous collaborators and supervisors

  • Styliani Constas
  • Werner Hofer
  • John Polanyi
  • Karsten Reuter
  • Matthias Scheffler
  • Philippe Prene
  • Philippe Belleville
  • Edwin Kellenbach

Main projects

Information Technology (IT)




- Histidine in Water by Ab initio Molecular Dynamics

- Tartaric Acid on Copper surface by Metropolis Monte Carlo simulations

Technology added to this website

This website uses the Gif89a technology with allows to play with transparent and invisible features into images of the GIF format! The invisible part is not more than 50% of an image for all the images displayed in the Website, The software used to construct such images is Photoshop! The final image needs an exportation of the Gif89a tool to be converted as invisible or transparent. The color used to be set as negative or invisible is Black...which gives an overview of the final colour before vanishing by the special 89a export. The final result looks nice but the work behind it is quite tedious... Hope the visitors enjoy it!

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