Started a Postodc at University of Western Ontario
Accepted this new opportunity in Canada as I was keen to come back to Science and Research

11/06/2009 (Alpha Version) online
Please have a look at and follow the last updates


Currently developing: (Pre-Alpha Version)
Please have a look at to see the evolution in the development of this website

28/01/2008 turns to dynamic web page by implementing PHP/MySQL and Apache. Many features are coming soon...


End of PhD thesis:
Simulation of chiral ordering process in the adsorption of chiral organic molecules on metal surfaces by Monte Carlo methods

27/05/2007 has been copyrighted on the link to view the data protection is the following: © 2008


Links page has been updated. to view it click here: LINKS


Managed to write my first PHP program and worked 70% of my PHP book in 2 weeks... Very exciting way to make dynamic html pages!


Working on PHP and MySQL the whole week end, 600 pages to master as soon as possible...
At least to know what I'm talking about!!!


My 30th birthday!


A6000's first album is out and I bought a copy!
The music is a mix between Electro and Hip hop which is not Trip hop... Don't try to understand that, just listen to it!
They have a MySpace environment which is useful to listen their last tracks:


To have a look at their website just click right below on the pic.

A6000 la methode

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